Thursday, March 5, 2009

Intuitive Guidance

Your intuition is enabled by your being open and receptive, dwelling in a highly sensitive mode where you can receive impressions and insights, however subtle or vivid. It is a place of humility, 'listening' and non-judgment. Remember always that your intuition functions best when you are outside of your conscious analytical mind, and is the other side of the coin to logic and reason.

The guided meditations of the Intuition Zone program induce alpha and theta states that offer you access to that which lies beyond this world and make it possible for you to achieve higher states of consciousness. That place beyond and those higher states are the areas where your intuition best functions.

All forms of meditation as well as many relaxation procedures can serve to quiet your mind, thereby making you receptive to the whisperings and messages of your intuitive senses. But the guided meditations of the Intuition Zone go beyond this. They actively facilitate the engagement and activation of your intuitive senses and empower your intuition.

While the easiest time to engage your intuition is when you are in a meditative state, it is not necessary or always desirable to do so. The Intuition Zone program offers many exercises that are appropriate to use when in a non-meditating state. Specifically useful for this is the 'Earth-Light' meditation recording, which is designed to clear and align your energy system and connect you to source, leaving you more open to your intuitive senses and capable of receiving higher awareness. The purifying, centering and consciousness raising effects of this meditation make it an ideal primer to any intuitive practice, as well as to becoming a clear and willing conduit.

Your intuition is most accessible when you are functioning outside your normal, rational, judgmental mode of consciousness. We most often experience such altered states when doing automatic, 'mindless,' or repetitive tasks, such as showering, knitting, washing the dishes, or doing chores, and so on. When we are engaged in these kinds of activities our conscious minds are most likely to switch themselves off. This makes it so that higher inspiration and intuitive gestalts can find their way into your consciousness without the convoluted trappings of your analytical mind.

The Intuition Zone program includes the soothing meditation called, 'Inner Realm.' This meditation connects you with the personification of your Higher Self and allows you to experience their pure unconditional love, absorbing this energy at a fundamental level. Through this divine union, you will dissolve the limitations and roadblocks that keep you from knowing the who you are, knowing the truth of reality and destroying the illusion of separation on which the ego thrives. When you experience the unconditional, divine love that your Higher Self has for you in every instant of existence, it will heal and blossom your heart so you can experience that which is the ultimate truth of reality: the only reality is love.

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